Soft Playground Policies

Retainers: At time of booking, a 25% retainer and also a signed contract will be required to secure your requested event date. The remaining balance will be due (7 days) prior to your event and must be paid in cash. Failure to pay balance 7 days prior will result in cancellation of the event. With NO REFUNDS. If booking is less than 14 days prior to the event date, the full amount will be due at the time of booking. 

Cancellations: For any reason you need to reschedule/cancel your reservation, please be sure to contact us as soon as possible at . Cancellations are available with NO REFUNDS, but you are able to change your event date 7 days or more prior to the reservation date. Cancellations less than 7 days will automatically result in cancelation of your event with the loss of your retainer. If a cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the booking date, NO refunds will be issued; this includes the 25% retainer, delivery fee, and remaining balance payment. Retainers are NON-Refundable. Unless Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC Cancels Your Event.

Rescheduling of Services: Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC will permit rescheduling within 7 days or more prior to the reservation date of an event up to one(1) time; given the new requested date is available. If the date is already booked, the event will be considered cancelled and the 25% retainer is then forfeited by the customer. 

Weather Conditions: If you are hosting an outdoor event you assume ALL weather-related risks. However, “BEFORE SET UP” if it should rain, we will work with you on a solution BEFORE setting up. If you are not able to hold your party indoors, you can reschedule for another available date. If the event is outdoors and the day of the event there is rain or possibility of rain shown on the forecast Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC won't be able to set up outdoors. Once Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC has COMPLETED the event set up and it begins to storm on your event. Unfortunately, we would have to pack up your event EARLY and you will not be able to check for another date or receive any type of refund.

Outdoor Bookings: If you need setup at a park you will need to contact the park in advance to determine the requirements needed to set up. We are insured and can get a certificate if needed. We require 14 day notice for certificate request. We charge a $50 cleaning fee for outdoor usage and outdoor set up will require a shaded area or a suitable cover in the form of a canopy tent, or pavilion, as the equipment will get hot in direct sunlight. Tents can be rented for an additional charge. A tarp will be provided, but please make sure the ground is flat, dry and clear from glass and debris. We do not set up on dirt. (photo of set up area must be provided)

Set Up/Take Down: Renter is responsible for clearing all areas needed for equipment and must be present at the time of delivery AND pick up. Please allow between 1 to 2 hours set up and break down time depending on your package size. NO CONTACT/KIDS are allowed within 6ft of the set-up area during set up and break down due to maintain social distancing. Please make sure we have a proper parking space to deliver and pick-up equipment to avoid any additional fees. Additional fees may apply, if we deliver via stairs or to venues located at long distances from the loading zone (including parks, large estates, or any location that presents delivery/pick up complications)

Security Deposit: Upon arrival a security deposit of $200 (by cash only) is due before set up. Failure to pay the security deposit for any reason will result in the cancellation of the event and there will be absolutely NO refunds issued; this includes the 25% retainer, delivery fee, and any remaining balances. Once Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC has inspected and has taken down the equipment, following your event, the security deposit will be refunded if there are no damaged and/or missing equipment, and all rules have been followed. 

Equipment Cleaning Care: To reduce the number of germs and therefore the spread of disease or illness we ask that you immediately disinfect any equipment that has come in contact with the following situations: Leaked soiled diapers, vomit, blood, or mucous. A disinfectant will be provided by Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC to ensure proper sterilization that is safe for all, including the equipment.