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Extraordinaire Affairs & Creations LLC


Give us your vision and we will fully design your website! This includes your Homepage/Landing Page, Product Pages, and your contact/about us page. Any additional pages are $50 per page. If you would like customized product pages it adds an additional $75 to the service. You have several different website themes to choose from, any theme that is not included will cost an additional fee. 

  • Custom website banners are $20. 
  • Custom Slideshows include up to 4 photos that can be customized and they are $50. 
  • Custom Website Flyers are $20. 

What are custom product pages?

Custom product pages allow you to add links into your product page, questions & answer boxes, check boxes, and also allows your customers to upload images. 

What are product pages?

Product pages are the pages that included all of the services/products that you may provide to customers. It’ll include images of your products, a description of your products, and also purchase options to choose from. 

What is a homepage/landing page?

A homepage is the very first page that customers will see on your website. It is the page that should draw the most attention! Your homepage can include a banner or slideshow, features products, a description about your business, and more!

What is a contact page/ about us page?

The contact page is a page where your customers can fill out a form to contact you and ask you any questions or concerns that they may have before or after placing an order. The about us page is a page where it will introduce yourself to your customers so that they can learn a little more about your business and what it has to offer. 

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